Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Konstruction Korner

Wouldn't it be nice to have an HQ to match the staggering grandeur and majesty of the Kreative Tradition itself? That must have been the thought process of Gabe Gabriel and his son when they conceived of and rendered the following koncept drawing:

This bold structure towers to over 200 feet and boasts at least five facing materials and a revolutionary closed-loop, zero-waste environmental system. Although our present mid-century offices have served us well these past 6.5 years, we can't help but imagine what it must be like to kreate in a bona fide monument such as the one the Gabes dreamed up. Unfortunately, the City of Boise's design review commission found this self-sustaining, kolumnated edifice of Kreativity to be "an eyesore that is inconsistent with the scale and urban fabric of the surrounding neighborhood." Clearly, the Treasure Valley isn't ready for stunning architecture of this ilk. If only we had a shekel for every time we were ahead of our time. Ah well. Until the world comes around, we'll settle for a more modest answer to our urgent need for additional work space. Just this afternoon, in fact, we put 5,000USD down on an 8-year option to acquire the building pictured below to serve as an annex to the HQ. It's essentially next door and will house our printshop, musique koncrète studio and accounts receivable department.


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