Friday, March 7, 2014

The (Komik) Korner Kares

Eat healthy! You've heard it before, and some even say there's science to back up the notion that the objects we put into our bodies -- food -- can have varying effects on said bodies. I suppose we at KKHQ came to understand a piece of this first-hand when Maljohn attempted to eat a week's ration of dry-steak in one sitting, but the details of that shitshow are neither here nor there. This does, however, bring us to the raison d'etre for tonight's post. See, we don't mind hitching our wagon to the science train from time to time, especially in the service of human health and healthy humans. It was in this spirit that we commissioned a pioneering work of visual PSA'ing from Korner OG, Howard Fork, which is manifested below in pixel form. What more need we say, other than a brief message from the Forkman himself -- "those are tomatoes, asshat." Masticate:

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