Saturday, September 27, 2014

Legends of the Fall

"Does not it invariably transpire that one is unaware of that which one possesses until such possession has flown the coop?" These immortal words of Joni Mitchell have been on our minds lately at The Korner ever since Gabe Gabriel left us in an outsized canary-colored cab of frustration. In the several days that have elapsed since Gabe's hopefully impermanent departure, we have all learned how much we've taken things for granted around the HQ. For instance, correspondences from our fan base the world over don't just magically appear on our desks. It was Gabe muthafuckin' Gabriel who dutifully monitored the account, vetted the messages for authenticity, printed them in grayscale to conserve precious toner and then delivered them to the necessary parties. Huey Dood has volunteered to take up the Gabriel mantle, but he has big vintage wingtips to fill. In his first outing this morning as Director of Electronic Kommunications, Huey intercepted the digital image below sent by Kreationist-wannabe Bill Johnson of Secaucus, NJ. Although we don't typically run outside submissions, we are willing to take desperate measures to stave off the impending kreative drought with Gabe Gabriel out of the picture.  The image appears, according to our experts, to be manipulated in some way--perhaps even an amalgam of multiple images. Celebrated pop culture critic Rapaport Graves describes it as a "maelstrom of mass-media iconography serving as an acerbic commentary on the tasteless, brand-saturated internet age. Also, it seems an oddly appropriate bellwether for the autumn season." See for yourself:

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