Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pause for Effekt

Greetings all, Gabe Gabriel here. Apparently whichever cavalier staff member decided it wise to let slip about our vow of blogospheric silence didn't get the memo that it was meant to be kept for thirty-seven days, thirty-seven being a number whose significance I would no doubt be redundant in explaining. You got that, Kevin?!? I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure it was you. You have no respect for the rules of decorum around here!

So. Okay. Now, we can get started on this business of new kontent on our blog, which I do still dearly love, but boy am I tired of the politiks. OK, Kevin? Do we have your permission? I'd fire you, except that I know you're Chas Murdoch's son, and federal imprisonment or not, that slimy fucker still has suction around here. Yeah, I know. I know! I'm not supposed to be talking about these things. Gabe Gabriel. The glue that holds the adjoining walls of the Korner together. The golden boy. The golden glue that holds everything together and that also makes it sparkly. You're not a great writing talent, they said. Be the editor and archivist instead, they said. Well, just I'll show you. That's it! Consider this my notice! I'm cashing in my sabbatikal points. Word life.

*Facsimile of the signature of Gabe Gabriel, Kreation Korner Editor and Archivist

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