Sunday, March 8, 2015

Behind the Korner

Part I - Part II 

story plot: tragic family, son just wants to make his parents happy, he feels sorry for them, they are lovable and redeemable, it just doesn't work out, and can never be perfect or even ok, much to the torment of the son. He can't get out of his head the patheticness and pain his parents suffer, and he feels responsible despite everything, even though he rationally knows it isn't his fault.
c'est la vie, diametrically opposed

Chrismus Publishing
P&W Publishing
epithet CP&B [Publishing]
Is not caring bad? Or is it just that you only care about what matters most?
demo acetate
doleful, omnibus

for tkk: something blowhardy but true about interconnectedness
prize money, purse, bout
here's why w/ peter doe
kreative diaspora
optimism, right'o spring
spartan, cyclical

kosplay, skunkworks
kommando raid
purloin, inter alia
leviathin, apres
head-house, trainshed
delivery system

Surprising people oprah style at really inappropriate times.
elements, sagacious
"I was in the band. Not of the band." give chaise
naive, portend, epithet
Wearing a shirt with somebody's face on it.
bated breath, piece of work

halcyon days
wearing the better part of valour
paean, agitprop, patter
Kreative Spring
rolled into, nadir
kotour, kurry favor
and caesar wept for he knew he would never be that funky

chanson d'chapparal or shrub steppe, treachery in his wheelhouse, the human mileiu, some think the kreative mop is a wig, yet others a rod or staff, tkk a lot of things to a lot of folks, transparency not just for cm but tkk (minutes), retire doe-local eggs, v-day love post

To be kontinued...

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