Saturday, March 14, 2015

No Logo Korner

Several weeks back, our benefactor Greg Purt offered us some unsolicited advice. He proffered that in order for The Kreation Korner message to truly go "viral," our kustomers need a strong, solidified brand to engage with and rally behind. We were taken aback by the suggestion that Kreationism hadn't already permeated every nook and kranny of the kollective konsciousness. Furthermore, the whole notion of "branding" has always seemed diametrically opposed to our world view. But we figured, what the hell. It usually doesn't hurt to try new things. So we sent out an RFP for the first-ever official Kreation Korner logo. Unfortunately, we received only one submission: the hipster bullshit you see pictured below. While we thank the Sow & Shoat Design House of Silver Lake for their time and effort, we just don't feel their aesthetic fits with ours. This misadventure has reminded us why we've avoided branding The Korner in the past. Kreationism cannot be encapsulated in a finite set of easily recognizable images and style guidelines and we mustn't presume to do so. Kreationism speaks for itself. Kreatione ipsa loquitur, motherfuckers.

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