Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Musik Korner

Guten dias, amis! The Korner is pleased to announce that our psychoamericana prophet Rasmus Wright has finally made a full recovery and has returned to his kraft. Judging by his withdrawn behavior, however, we have the sneaking feeling his protracted illness caused him to rethink his entire konception of the universe and his role in. The most noticeable manifestation of this has been his transition to electric instrumentation. Mostly, Wright's been holed up in a storage room adjoining a garage in Northwest Boise, "just noodling," as he describes it. Despite his sullen, antisocial demeanor, he did allow our kamera krew to shoot a recent rehearsal. This could well be the beginning a whole new sound for Rasmus, a rebirth, as it were, from the ashes of infirmity. Rock on:

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