Sunday, January 14, 2018

An Answer To Question

Greetings, Kreation Korner staff. My name is Daniel A. Thomason, and, as I'm guessing you're not aware, I'm one of the world's foremost Kreationism scholars. I saw your last post (I see all of them) and am writing to provide you with some book learning that should answer a lot of your questions and hopefully alleviate some of your anxiety:

The Worrisome Truth (translated from the original German die besorgniserregende Wahrheit) is a malevolent force in the Kreation mythos that utterly extinguishes Kreative energy. The concept dates back to the earliest days of the Kreationism Movement. A prevailing belief among Kreation mystics is that The Worrisome Truth reveals itself to overly-ambitious Kreators who undergo Kreative Ascension but are ill-prepared. The Worrisome Truth punishes them by killing their Kreative spirit for eternity. Only those protected by the Staff of Kreation may overcome The Worrisome Truth and ascend. Many say it was The Worrisome Truth that sapped movement founder Thor Gustav Kreationssen late in his life, causing him to never again Kreate and die penniless in obscurity. These are legends that have neither faced nor withstood empirical scrutiny. An increasingly-popular interpretation (from the authoritative Thomason Commentary) of the core texts underpinning the Kreationism Movement (the Kreation Kodex) is a little more realistic, submitting that The Worrisome Truth is just that Kreation is a construct, not some preternatural cognizance that only the anointed may access. In other words, Kreation is what you make it and anyone can be a Kreator--a notion devastating to some, empowering to others.

Well, that's Worrisome Truth 101. Certainly a fringe concept, but I must say I'm disappointed in The Korner for its lack of erudition in regards to Kreative esoterica. Then again, academic rigor has all but vanished from the Movement, leaving tired pedants like myself to carry an ever-dimming torch. Anyways, I wouldn't worry about the anonymous note. Probably just the work of practical jokester who read one of my books.

Yours In Kreation,
Daniel A. Thomason, KhD

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