Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Perspective Korner

Friends, hello. It's been 20 of our days since that hand-scrawled enigma regarding The Worrisome Truth entered our reality. We write to you today not in a state of crescendoing panic as before but in an only slightly rattled state easing towards calm now that we have reframed the unsettling incident as an opportunity to be humbled. There are forces at play across the multiverse that we simply cannot understand, at least not for now. This sort of uncouth awakening has befallen us before, and we suspect this time won't be the last. Such is the cyclical nature of humility. We will take the necessary care and do the necessary work to continue to unravel the knots in our chests, in our throats, and in the pits of our stomachs. We will, of course, remain vigilant for opportunities to exercise our agency upon the world around us towards positive ends, but we will endeavor to not waste precious time and energy wringing our hands and pacing about over that which we cannot control. We have taken the words of Daniel A. Thomason to heart, which we've reduced down to "Kreation is what you make it." Interesting that it took him decades of skolarship to arrive at what we already knew. We guess we're stronger than we gave ourselves kredit for. Kreation is what you make it. Today, Kreation is a photo of discarded celery rib segments snapped in the break room at the Kreation Korner HQ:

Now that our palates are sufficiently cleansed, let us put this Worrisome Truth business to the side for now and exhale mightily. Time to get back to work! --Staff of Kreation

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