Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kontest Korner

Is there any better reason to kreate than simply for Kreation's sake? No, there is not. And while we know it to be a noble kause, sometimes in the day-to-day it can be, well, tedious. So a few weeks ago we thought we'd liven things up with a kreation kontest. Each kompetitor was allowed submission of one piece of original visual art to be evaluated and ranked by their peers. Surely even the most ardent Kreationists on staff would be enthralled by this good old-fashioned drama. But when it came time to judge, a lovelorn Gabe Gabriel reminded us that pitting kreator against kreator only replicates the hierarchical structures that stifle our souls. We kollectively took his kounsel to heart. Better boredom than blood lust. And now the results, expertly tabulated by Stevenson Steighmeaus Associates LLP:

Honorable Mention: Against The Grain / Hadley Daughterson

 Honorable Mention: Die Milch über der Holz / GRECH

  Honorable Mention: Have A Seat / Chris Peebles

Honorable Mention: There are talkers and doers--we're the latter / P. Michael Watson

Honorable Mention: The City Never Sleeps (At Night) / Philly Mike

Honorable Mention: my house, my family, a tree, my dog / Gabe Gabriel II

Honorable Mention: First Impressions / Svetlana Mendoza

Honorable Mention: BIG TEX / APEKS

Honorable Mention: Praise be to Ol' Sandy, the Sandy Man / Known Universe

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