Friday, December 21, 2018

Musik Korner

Whereas we are often hard at work plumbing the depths of our archives for musikal artifacts to share with our fellow kreationist, today we share a contemporary piece by yours truly, Gabe Gabriel, a.k.a. Bad Actor. Though I worked hard to obfuscate the inspiration for this song, I feel that the discerning listener will be able to intuit that this is what they call a break-up song. Shocked? Let me be clear. While it may be easy for the casual observer of this blog to elevate our more prominent kreationists as something greater than human, kreationism has always chafed against such myopic idolatry. In point of fact, this song offers an intimate glimpse into my own personal life. At the molecular level, all labels break down. There is no such thing as a "personal life," separate from one's "kreative life," itself segregated from one's "political life." Burn your idols and make angst while the heart pines: