Thursday, December 27, 2018

Poet's Korner

“Ode to Clonazepam and Earl Grey”
By Patrick M. Watson

When anxiety clutches at my chest
and panic’s close at hand
Clonazepam and Earl Grey
are here to see me through

When the world is a terror realm
with perils 'round each turn
Clonazepam and Earl Grey
are with me every step

When mind’s unmoored in fogs of fear
and I’m just ‘bout to believe it
One mill and a half and a good strong cup
return me to my self

When I'm in my body
and not my thoughts
Clonazepam tugs me back
and I, with aid of Earl Grey,
alight gently on the ground

I cannot say my gratitude
for all the peace, ebullience,
and every sigh of ease
As the world flows through
and out of me — hooray for pills and tea!

O my dear clonazepam
and dear sweet Earl Grey
Thank you for your faithfulness
and helping me be me

Disclaimer: This Ode is not intended to glamorize or promote the consumption of clonazepam and Earl Grey tea. It is merely a celebration of this specific mixture of substances that serves as a particularly effective and invigorating anti-anxiety remedy for the specific psychology and body chemistry of the poet.

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