Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Header Korner!

Holiday greetings! Just as the ugly duckling sheds its motley feathers to become the beautiful swan it was all along, so has the Kreation Korner header! While we at the Korner maintain a policy of staunch rejection of the status quo, we have been up to this point woefully ignorant of perhaps the first thing you readers view each time you visit this web log (or "blog", as some call it). Well, fret no more! Headed by the lovable blowhard known to all of you as Nash Stillwater, the Kreation Korner Header Committee have commissioned a series of works to be kreated in order to more fully realize the potential of the 600-pixel-wide top portion of this webpage. The first comes from maljohn, whose art and words have been known to cause a full-scale implosion of the mind, leaving behind a neat pile of rubble where the brain used to be. Good luck and view at your own risk.

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Pata said...

Happy Haul-i-days

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