Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Korner Kills

Again, we feel the need to explain today's post title. It is "The Korner Kills" as in it kills preconceptions. We don't do murder, but we have gotten several complaint letters, hence the explanation. Get it through your thick skulls, this has been a long week and I am sick and tired of answering phones, emails, and telegraphs worrying me about the kontent of our humble blog. Anyway, now that I've hopefully satiated you insane do-gooder freaks, let's get onto the content, shall we? For this week's answers to your questions, we tapped our own aging resource of folk wisdom, Snappy Tom. While he might not ride scooters or read "Wall Street Journal" like all the hepcats of today, he can certainly teach us a thing or two. Here goes:

Hi, I see that you have a successful website, so you surely know your way around a computer. I've been trying to send this email with pictures attached to my mother, but my email provider keeps refusing the jpegs and saying they're are too big. But I know this can't be true because I downsized them to the specified 10-megabyte file size. Help me, Kreation Korner, you're my only hope!
-Friend in need, Seattle, WA

"email?" J-pegs? Super-bites? Friend, I can't say as I know what in the heck you're talking about. What I do know, though, is people. I've traveled the world and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that no matter where you go, there's always gonna be people. Sure, they might not look like you, talk like you, they might not even enjoy creamed corn like you, but isn't that what makes the whole thing so darned interesting? People everywhere, can't escape it, no use in trying so might as well embrace it and enjoy the carrot juice while it's still flowing. For the Kreation Korner, I'm Snappy Tom saying farewell.*

*This advice segment was transcribed by Gabe Gabriel after Snappy Tom was found attempting to push individual keys from our keyboard into the KKHQ tape deck.

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