Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Friend Percy

It is our great pleasure today to welcome back to the Kreationist fold, young Percy Stankowski. Now, earlier this week you might have heard some rumblings about his nasty little mescaline habit. We here at the Korner are happy to report that Mr. Stankowski has managed to get his prized Krasnogorsk-3 out of hock while still maintaining his daily intake of mescaline. How did he do it? Through Tony Robbins' wisdom on the art of streamlining, of course. But, well, that's neither here nor there. What is, however, is Percy's newest piece, a revelation of image and sound. Observare.

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D.W. Kelsch said...

Bravo! Though I do not know this Percy fellow well his embodiment of the woes of war through tribal drum beating and hysteric laughing have chilled me to the marrow. I am reinvigorated to once again take up the proverbial cross of protest and carry proudly before the Roman persecutors(metaphorically the Industrial Military Complex.) I wait with bated breath for yet another masterpiece from this young prophet.