Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cease-Fire Korner

Hello, faithful Kreationists. If you have been paying attention these last few months, you will no doubt notice that the Header section of our (in)glourious blog(sterd) has seen a drastic change from its previous message of defiance and outrage. Yes, in the past we took umbrage at Kreation Systems Worldwide's attempts to control and (we felt) stifle our kreativity, and we thus called upon our resident dog-in-sunglasses-art-kollective-mascot, Salvador, to voice our own frustrations. But now, we find solace in the fact that time heals all wounds. It is in this spirit of familydom that we offer the olive branch of peace to Chas Murdoch. You're a true human among humen, Chas, and we're lucky to have you. So, for now, enjoy the visual pleasures of our latest Header Kreation, manipulated by none other than Lee Watt.

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