Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hymnal Korner

A while back, we found the remnants of a Bangladeshi folk song translated into broken English that nonetheless spoke loud and clear to us Kreationists. Well, people, we've done it again. This is part of what we believe to be a Siberian hymnal, and its subject matter is strikingly similar to Kreationism. We have discerned that the pushing in question refers to pushing one's children into a trash-can lid filled with lard, as was the ritual custom of Siberia for many years. The lard was felt to fatten the souls of the children as they passed into adulthood, thereby... Ah hell, just Listen!

Ah, push the Ah, push it

Get up on this!

Ow! Baby! Salt and of Pepa the here!

(Watch now a minute, These dance ain' t for everybody Only the sexy men So you all fly mothers, get on from there and dance Dance, said I)!

Salt and of Pepa the for this reason and we become in result
Urge you it, child
Coolin to push' on to build against day then' s nights a sweat girls, rent us go
show the fellows that we know
How number an in a hot party show Now push it

Ah, push the - push the good
Ah, push the - push the real good
Ah, push the - push the good
Ah, push the - pen-push it really good

Pile-driver! Ow! Push the good!

Push the good Push the real good Ah, push the Ah, push it

Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-bang
Yes, come you here, gimme a kiss
Better makes the fasting or otherwise I became gonna gepist
Cannot you hear the pumpin of the music'
fast as I wish that you will?
Push now it

Ah, push it Gets up on this!

Boy, you got not goes got know do really me that YOU me so I what I

Ah, push it

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