Monday, April 11, 2011

Editor's note: Due to issues with our email server, the Korner has attached to today's regularly-scheduled post an item of operational concern. We trust that the inclusion of this will in no way interfere with the impact of Nash's posting.

Rebrand this!, or, The Fleecing of the Korner
A Nash Stillwater Joint
Take heed! The imperialists have occupied the gateway to this humble yet majestic blog. Witness!, the blatant and ignorant commercialization of the Kreationist mission. Gaze with trained eye on the jargonization of an unrivaled tradition of kreation. We must interpret the words of one Chas Murdoch as an act of war, plain and simple. What is at stake here is the future integrity of Kreationism as a whole, and we must FIGHT! "Where learning starts?" Where growth ends! Unless we fight, we stand to lose our livelihoods. So refuse the oppression of The Man, shut it out with force. We will not be stop!

A request to Mr. Murdoch re: the coffee machine
Percy Stankowski
Dear Mr. Chas Murdoch, the coffee machine's on the fritz again. I think it might need to be serviced or something. Every time I put in the carafe and try to start the brewing process, it won't work. But as soon as I pull the carafe out to see what's the matter, the thing starts spitting hot java at me. I've ruined more than my share of vintage cardigans this week, and we'd all really appreciate if this could get looked at in the next couple of days.

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