Thursday, April 21, 2011


Have you no pride, Kreationists? Have you no SHAME? Last week, when my visionary piece, "Rebrand This!", was published, I expected at least some solidarity on the part of my kompatriots. What did I get instead? Aside from a directive by the KKHQ landlord to curtail my slogan-chanting to daylight hours only, NOTHING. What gives? We cannot let this egregious violation of Kreationist ideology stand, even and especially if it is committed by our benefactor/dicator, Chas Murdoch. So, as of this post, I am beginning a hunger strike that will last for as long as this atrocity is allowed to stand. You'll all see soon enough what an impossibility the Kreationist mission will be without me! I'm going rogue. Follow me or get left behind.

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