Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kartography Korner

A hearty "hallo!" to you this day. At The Korner, our kontent tends to be delivered via a kreator-to-kreatee one-way road. But that doesn't mean we don't value your input! In fact, we've decided to take komments we've received from our readers and allow them to influence and shape our output. Henceforth, we plan to act upon your requests, suggestions and kritiques at least once (but no more than four times) per year. As our email bag is figuratively bursting at the seams, we've employed a konvoluted algorithm from one of GRECH's dreams to randomly kull out the following kommunique:

Dear Kreation Krew,

I've been a reader for a long time and can't get enough kreative kontent. My friends will tell you I'm a certified Kreation Korner nut! But lately, I find myself at an impasse. I've come to care--or, "kare" if you like--deeply for the Korner and the ever-unfolding saga of its kontributors. So it's unfortunate that my concern is ultimately limited by my complete inability to sympathize with you all in spatial terms. I read in your weblog about "Tsar Mart" this,"HQ" that and other exotic locales in which you live and kreate. Yet I'm at a loss for how these places fit together in a larger kreative ecosystem. This has proved to be a particularly disheartening obstacle to achieving a deeper level of intimacy with the kreative enterprise! Please, Korner. Give me something, anything that might allow me to conceptualize the physical reality of your kause!

Yours in Kreation,
Ronnie Junior Sr.

Well Ronnie, you're in luck. Thanks to the miracle of Good Ol' Maps, we think you'll be able to attain a kreative klimax. Examine:

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