Friday, June 2, 2017

Exhortation Korner

We just received the following unsolicited sermon from the Reverend Ambo Dais over the Teletype out of the clear blue. It feels very “now” but also timeless in a way. Words of wisdom, perhaps, or, at the very least, food for thought and conversation. Hark: 

“The Future is Social, The Future is Mobile, The Future is what?”

compassion, dear entities, compassion
honor thy outrage, thy anger, thy fervor
honor, don't dwell in that house forever
sing a new song, sing and breathe
breath is key to working song, compassion
compassion, compassion, compassion
and slow, my entities, much slower
slow down and silence too, ponder in silence
ponder in silence, pondering silence, ponder
really grapple, critically, honestly
in silence from love, good faith, no hate in your heart
patience, entities, consider, consider humble
humble compassion, humble, honest
always the breath, always breathing, telling truth
honor truth, compassion, dear entities
be as drops in an ocean of drops, the ocean of drops, compassion
eschew disingenuous, eschew distortion, compassion
for your selves and others', wise compassion
pursue truth, be open too, consider routes, compassion
any routes to There, eternal There, elusive There, compassion
consider love, ponder grapple, refine always, patient compassion
love, my dearest entities, no hate in sheep’s clothing
the How can be the What
the occupation the industry
don’t be a tool to a tool, a tool to the tool
may they without flaws post the first post for post’s sake
work the work, entities
the work is sacred
the work is holy
in conclusion, compassion
compassion, compassion

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