Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boise is not the world

You've heard us speak passionately over many moons--especially over the past several months--about Boise, Idaho, particularly its Bench neighborhood. While the City of Trees has certainly served as a suitable base of operations for Kreationism for a lot of years and many of us are quite fond of the burg, we'd like to take this time to dispel any perceptions that The Korner subscribes to or endorses the myth of Boise Exceptionalism. This a metanarrative as rampant as it is destructive in Idaho's hauptstadt, which only continues to be fueled by occasional arbitrary business and/or lifestyle rags that sing its praises. The more Boise's civic and commercial leaders exclaim "we're number one," the more they help to breed a culture of superiority that does Boiseans a disservice by cutting them of from rather than connecting them to the vast and varied world out there. This smugness, in our view, leads more to laurels-resting than any earnest effort to identify and strive to rise above any areas in which we are mediocre as a community. At The Korner, we believe that life is a zesty enterprise that can happen in a multitude of places and if you feel the need to pursue the fool's errand of defining your happiness by the highly-relative quality of your community, you better free your mind instead. In an effort to dismantled Boise Exceptionalism, we offer this honest promotional graphic for the city. My it grace paid-content spaces and in-flight publications everywhere. We love Boise. We love it enough to not distort the facts. Only by sound assumptions can we predicate truthful trajectories toward tomorrow. See clearly:

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