Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Tidings!

Hello, all! We at the Korner trust you are having a satisfactory break from the hubbub of this go-go-gadget world, but just in case you haven't yet gotten totally hammered on holiday spirit, we'd like to remind you that such a break is necessary. I am writing in a state of half-coma, as just yesterday we at KKHQ enjoyed a wonderful celebration of food, fun, and jarringly loud distortion-pedal wanking courtesy of Gerry Mander's Band. Let me tell you, the experience was truly illuminating, and I feel, despite my current state of repose, re-energized, reinvigorated, and ready to greet the day. So, to all you workaholics, take a breather, enjoy some tursirlointaco, and just be easy, baby. That is all.

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