Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Korner "Kares"

Although the feud between The Korner and our parent company has quieted down a bit lately, we are by no means out of the densely vegetated area. As such, those KSW fat cats want us to reign in our "kounterkultural tendencies" so as to set better examples for impressionable youth and dimwitted adults. In fact, they're threatening to reduce our annual budget to half a pittance unless we release a public service announcement decrying the recreational use of intoxicating substances. Although, admittedly, we now accept that CEO Chas Murdoch is capable of forging his kreativity closer to the heart than we previously judged, we are in no way kompromising our own kreative kredibility by submitting to his will. You may think we're selling out to Big Kreation, but in reality we're disassembling the machine from the inside out. Disregard:

Getting high on booze is a slippery slope...

A message from The Kreation Korner reminding you to drown your sorrows responsibly

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