Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Like We Kare

To the Almighty Chas Murdoch,

It is with great pleasure that we receive His request. To have our poor little blog critiqued by His Highness is truly an honor, such is His mastery of Kreationism. Perhaps He in His infinite wisdom knows how to kreate a video montage of truly earth-shattering consequence without the aid of psychedelic alkaloids. Perhaps he too can deliver performance art on a whim without a belly full of fertilizer and curdled goat's milk.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. It is with sadness, however, that we report His continuing absence from the kreative process. Thus, it is with great humility that we request His presence at the Kreation Korner Headquarters, for surely with His wealth of knowledge, far exceeding that of any measly Kreationist, He can outshine all of our efforts combined. Perhaps, I daresay, he'd like to try?

In the knowledge that Our Almighty Ruler Chas Murdoch is not fond of derivative verbosity - it does strain the eyes so - we of the Kreation Korner direct His unflinching attention to the header for a more succinct statement of our intent.

Sincerely, the Korner

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