Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rebuttal Korner

While I'm not surprised by the propensity of men with your constitution to thumb their noses at top brass, I am shocked by your flagrant sullying of The Kreation Korner with profanity and sarcasm. We at KSW value dissent and opposing viewpoints, but why did you have to do this junk to our esteemed organization? And further more, you just had to haul off and drag my good name through the muck with your trenchant jabs and jibes when all I was trying to do was give you all some well-intentioned advice. How dare you kwestion my kreative merit! I may not be keen on diving headlong down the business end of a jug of lycergic acid-laced wine to gain true kreative insight, but I can kreate with the best of you beatniks. Put this in your pipe and smoke it (not literally you junkies):

Poem: A Death

How many times have
I died?

There was the battery
Esophagus dissolved.

Then blunt force trauma,
falling and liver attack.
In that order.
Each painful in its own
special way.

Once I froze to death.
It's true what
they say: it's like taking
a nap. Only very cold.

Next on the docket is
Burmese tiger trap.
Sounds exotic and
unsanitary. Maybe this
one will stick.

--Chas Murdoch

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