Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kommentary Korner

The only thing that we can know is that we know nothing. Everything we think we know is a lie, or at least false. Why do we try in vain to understand the universe when we possess faculties inadequate for extracting the truth from our surroundings? All we are capable of perceiving are flagrant perversions of the fundamental realities of existence.
Take a cow for example. Many of us look at a cow and say, "hey check it out, a cow" or "far out, a land-dwelling herbivorous bovine creature" or something to that effect. But what if we are wrong? For all we know, that cow could be a chair or a grain elevator or something more abstract, like honor. All we can be certain of is that cows are undoubtedly something different than we think they are. It's impossible to know.
You might be so bold as to think gravity exists. Glad I'm not so self-assured in my physical conceptions of this plain we inhabit. You could say my views of the phenomenon we misclassify as living are more metaphysical. I have burrowed out of the confines of the "box" (which might very well actually be a sphere, an icosahedron or some other geometric solid) and come to accept that there are forces beyond our feeble attempts at comprehension that govern our every move.
It literally sickens me to see people so arrogantly certain of what they "observe" with their "senses." Just the other day I vomited on a man who erroneously categorized a stop sign as "red." I wiped my mouth and asked him, "is that really red? Is it even really a sign? How can you be certain that substance I emitted onto your person is actually vomit?" He just cursed at me and stormed off in a huff. Moron.
In closing, I just want to urge anyone who heeds my words to stand out from the pride-riddled crowd. Think twice before you identify something. Don't be so quick to judge anything that gets you wet a liquid. Always question. Admit your total and utter lack of real knowledge.
--Nash Stillwater
P.S. If you have taken to heart any of the aforementioned, then you have completely missed the point and I worry in earnest for you and those you surround yourself with

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