Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kommentary Korner

The other day I fired up the ol' Twitter feed, and as I scanned the "tweets" from the myriad "news" organizations I "follow," I couldn't help but detect the overwhelming stench of anti-Greek rhetoric. And that's sayin' something given my severely diminished olfactory capacities. It seems every media entity out there is trying to get its .0154 in about the Greco Debt Crisis. Their so-called fourth estate objectivity does little to mask their true prejudices. And this epidemic of bigotry is not limited to reporters. This morning I met Peter Doe at Dan's Grouse Inn on Route 21 for a red beer and was floored when he said, "sure the Greeks invented democracy and trigonometry but what have they done for the eurozone lately?" Well, Peter, this just means our Hellenic brethren contributed early and often to humanity. We procrastinators here in the states could learn a thing or two rather than just sitting around criticizing. If you ask me, we're pointing out the pit in our neighbor's eye while ignoring the heaping portion of Kalamatas in our own. Ultimately, the only way out of our respective messes is to endeavor towards understanding and empathy on a global scale. And I'll bet if you sat down over a pint of ouzo with a Greek, you'd find that we're not all that different.
--K. Hume O'Henderbaum     

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