Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Video Korner

Picture yourself in front of a white automobile. Aside from its telltale Swedish craftsmanship, this automobile appears absolutely ordinary, bereft of any lasting significance. Now imagine that you have opened the back passenger-side door and sought respite in one of this automobile's stylish yet durable polyester-cushioned seats. After taking the necessary safety precautions by properly fastening your seat-belt, take note of your surroundings. Who is that you see in the driver's seat, navigating the currents and slipstreams of traffic whilst simultaneously pontificating on some of life's greatest mysteries? Why, it's Chris Peebles. Oh, hush now, Chris is addressing his erudite passenger. Could it be? Is that Blenko? Are you really seated near the right and left hands of two of the Korner's most beloved exports? Yessir(or ma'am)eebop, it's a Kreationist's dream come true! Now remove yourself from that mental vignette and watch this video that is almost like that experience, with several notable differences:

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