Monday, January 2, 2012

Shiny Happy People

The start of a new year is a time for purification, to rinse off the accumulated grime and start fresh in a shower of new beginnings. Why, just this morning we did this very thing (metaphorically, more or less) at our first annual second-day-of-the-year brunch bash. We clapped ourselves and each other on the back as we reflected upon storms weathered and new summits of kreative expression surmounted almost regularly during our tenure as inhabitants of the blogosphere. The needle was unceremoniously jerked from the long-playing record of our self-congratulation, however, when maljohn took the brainiac notion to stream Netflix on the projector we had pointed at an exterior wall of the kommune.  The film was called 2012 and, in addition to being perhaps the most eschatological of John Cusack's oeuvre, proved to be a chilling, action packed prophecy of catastrophic events to occur this year. Suffice it to say, we're all a bit freaked out. Is this blockbuster indeed a bellwether of things to come in 2012? Were the natural disasters and social strife of 2011 a mere prelude to the final days of reckoning for humankind? Or will the culmination of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar this next December represent the dawn of a new era of universal kamaraderie and klarity? Most of us are hoping for the latter, but in either case the world will need Kreation more than ever in the coming months. All we can do now is stand tall and dutifully advance The Kause.

Best wishes,
The Kreation Korner Staff          

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