Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poet's Korner

I compromise my
dignity for a good
cause, an effect
not measured
in spatial terms
grasped like
garden tools
and t-shirts soaked
in sweat or urine

A chain of events
links me in
binds my arms
and legs to the
room I admit
is cozy and dim
the chair is soft and
my skin feels no longer
an itch but
an easy current

The glowing rectangle
of near golden proportion
builds bridges
in my head
connecting localities
sprucing up
dilapidated storefronts
with youthful vigor
and ambition

I see a place
I want to eat
I wonder about the
appetizers as
I lick my lips
and advance when a
dollop of tapenade
snuffs out the

 --Chris Van Peebles

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